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Here we post insightful and thought-provoking audio and video resources on our three pillar issues: mass incarceration, housing insecurity, and severe deprivation.  Use them to start meaningful conversations.

Less Incarceration Less Crime

Less Incarceration Less Crime

Growth of Incarceration in the US

Mass Incarceration & Poverty

US incarceration rate1925-2008

Leaving Prison and Entering Poverty

Eviction and the Complexities of Poverty

Listen to Matt Desmond discuss his book Evicted and the complexities of poverty in America with Mitch Teich on Milwaukee Public Radio, March 2016.

Eviction as Cause & condition of Poverty

Listen to Matthew Desmond discuss eviction as a cause not just a condition of poverty with Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today, March 2016. Photo of Eviction in Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Michael Kienitz

Matt Desmond launches EVICTED

Race & Justice: Why We Incarcerate

The Unseen Eviction Crisis

Living in Poverty

Life After Incarceration

Open Source Radio Interview with Azan Reid, Unique Ismail, Douglas Benton, and Marselle Felton

The Dynamics of Eviction

Watch Matt speak about his book and the right to housing

A Conversation with Ta-Nehisi Coates

Incarceration Roundtable

WBOK New Orleans radio interview with Bruce Western

Severe Deprivation in America

Measure of Everyday Life with Megan Comfort Andrea Lopez

Re-entry, Recidivism, Reform