About Us

Welcome to the JPP!  The Justice and Poverty Project is a broad effort at research, dissemination, and outreach that aims to deepen our understanding, energize communities, and ignite public conversation in three areas: mass incarceration, low-income housing and housing instability, and severe deprivation.

The Project draws on work from leaders in these research areas including Matthew Desmond, Kathryn Edin, Devah Pager, Rob Sampson, Mario Small, Mary C. WatersBruce Western, and William Julius Wilson.  We thank the Ford Foundation for their generous support in this endeavor.  We wholeheartedly share their goal of changing the dominant public narrative surrounding social inequality.  

John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences

In PaikIn Paik

Project Coordinator

Bruce WesternBruce Western

Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice Policy & Professor of Sociology